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Texas code and housing laws can get complicated. With Texas Tenant Evictions you can be assured your eviction is thorough and by the book.

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Our team has been performing evictions since 2004 in both Austin and San Antonio! Our experience is our most valuable tool.

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If Texas Tenant Evictions doesn’t successfully evict your tenant, we’ll file the eviction again and cover the associated costs.*

Austin, Texas Eviction Service

Texas Tenant Evictions’ team in Austin, Texas has been providing owners and landlords alike with evictions services since 2004. Our staff consists of current landlords and property managers with over a decade of experience evicting tenants for various reasons. Through our years of experience dealing with the Travis County eviction court system we’ve been able to save you, the owner, money on expensive attorneys. Evicting your tenants is simplified when you team up with Texas Tenant Evictions. Rest assured your rental property is is great hands with Texas Tenant Evictions having partnered with 50+ property owners in the Austin, TX area. Give us a call at 512.553.2866 or send us an email and discover how we can help reclaim your Austin rental property!

San Antonio Eviction Service

Texas Tenant Evictions’ San Antonio eviction team have been providing eviction services and management since 2010. Our familiarity with the Bexar County eviction court provides you with comprehensive eviction services. We can evict your tenant fast and have you earning rent again in no time. If you find yourself in a bind with a non-paying tenant in San Antonio we can help. Give our team a call at our Austin, Texas office and you’ll be connected with a San Antonio representative.

Who Do We Serve?

Texas Tenant Evictions provides property owners, landlords and investors with eviction services when faced with problem tenants. Evicting a tenant can turn into a complex process and not many people are willing to just go. Texas Tenant Evictions works closely with you from the start, gathering and assessing information on your tenant’s lease, their current back rent owed and many other particulars that can influence the outcome of an eviction. Many owners choose to self-manage their properties and many aren’t familiar with the process of filing an eviction petition as well as representing themselves in court.

Once we begin working on your eviction case, you’ll be afforded the freedom of being hands off while saving hundreds on expensive lawyers and attorneys. From serving your tenant the three day notice to representing you in civil court, Texas Tenant Evictions has you covered. We are a company built by landlords and property managers. We understand that each day a non-paying tenant occupies your property you are losing on money. Our eviction process is fast, swift and can have you searching for a new tenant in no time!

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