Collecting after a Judgement
We've Successfully Evicted Your Tenant
Now what?

The root cause of most eviction cases that make it to court are unpaid rent. If you own rental properties you are probably aware of the various reasons tenants fall behind on their rent. Barring an incredible excuse, the reason a tenant falls behind on their rent is irrelevant to you as the owner. Once that residual rental income stops things can get clogged up and you can find yourself in a tough situation.

Unfortunately for owners, an eviction doesn’t guarantee you get paid the money that’s rightfully owed to you. There is no one forcing your previous tenant to pay their bills and money can’t just appear. When working with Texas Tenant Evictions, while we can’t force the tenant to pay what they owe, we can ensure that everything is in place to make sure you can receive that money faster.

tenant past due rent

Truth is, the judgement you win in court is just a piece of paper. Granted this piece of paper states that your tenant owes you the awarded amount, but in the end it’s just a piece of paper. With Texas Tenant Evictions, we take your judgement and file it with the appropriate parties making it tougher on your previous tenant to buy or rent somewhere in the future.

Essentially, we treat this judgement as a lien and file it against your tenant. With our process, your non-paying tenant will now face a filing against their credit and payment history making financial decisions and roadblocks down the road for them.

While it’s no guarantee, it’s easier to get paid on your eviction when you work with Texas Tenant Evictions.