Apartment Community

Assistance Program

We handle all of your community’s eviction – No headaches, No days wasted in court.

As an established community in Austin, you may be overseeing anywhere from 50 to 1000 residences. As the number of individuals who live in a community grows so do the chances of your requiring an eviction in the future. Nonpayment of rent and lease violations are the biggest factor to your community’s bottom line and once an eviction is required you’ll soon have employees spending time filing with and spending days in court every single month.

Partnering with Texas Tenant Evictions, your communities evictions are handled by the book and completely hands-off for your communities staff. No filing mistakes, no notice delivery issues – your communities evictions are always done by the book.


Remove Stress from the Process – Pass Us the File. We Come Back with the Judgment.

Your business has a special relationship with it’s customers and when an eviction is brought into the mix things can get messy. During this eviction process, you’re problem tenant still has the right to the property until you are through the process. Once this process has commenced you now have an unhappy resident in your community and this can create issues for your staff and property.

We serve as a third party for you to route any and all communications from this tenant too. Now your staff no longer has to deal with it and you can outsource the problem to experienced professionals.

How Does It Work?

From initial notice to providing you with the judgment, we handle A-Z for your eviction(s). Once you know your community requires an eviction your on-site employee will visit our online portal and upload all necessary and pertinent documents. Our team will confirm the receipt of the file and begin crafting your file. All communications will be directed to our team and we’ll completely handle the removal of this problem tenant. Our goal is always to try and find a solution with your tenant before involving the courts costing you money on filing fees. In the event we cannot, we’ll represent your community in court on the day of.

What are the Costs?

For a monthly subscription, we handle it all!

For $175/month, our team works directly with your community and staff to handle the first two evictions of the month. Any eviction over the threshold of two will have a $50 charge on top of the monthly fee. 

Our services eliminate any need for an employee to spare a thought about evicting a tenant within your community and will free time up to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Interested in Learning More?

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