Apartment Community Assistance Program

We Handle All of Your Community's Evictions.

No Headaches. No Days Spent in Court.

As an apartment community, you may be overseeing anywhere from 25 to 500 residences. As the number of individuals who live in a community grows the chances you’ll be needing an eviction drastically increases. As the amount of tenants who fail to pay their rent or violate their lease rises, you’ll soon have an employee spending a lot of time filing with the courts and spending long days in court every single month.

Texas Tenant Evictions now partners with communities around Austin, Texas providing hands-off eviction services for communities and community managers. So how does a relationship between a community and Texas Tenant Evictions work?

Remove Stress from the Process
You Pass Us the File. We Come Back with the Judgement.

An apartment community as a business has a special relationship with it’s customers. It’s one of the few business models where consumers pay to live. When an eviction is brought into the mix things can get messy. Not only are you wanting to evict the tenant, but that tenant is legally allowed to spend their days in their place until they are court ordered out. You now have a resident who is unhappy and angry with the community even if they are at fault.

What if you could refer these clients to a third party and no longer have to deal with them? Now you can!

We’ve been working with private owners and landlords for years and have spent plenty of days in the court room with various apartment communities removing problem tenants. Now you can outsource these problem tenants to professionals who understand that rental income is the lifeblood of your business.

How Does It Work?
From Notice to Judgement We Handle It!

Having worked in real estate, property management and now eviction services for multiple years, Texas Tenant Evictions team has become very familiar with the inside of the justice of the peace’s courtrooms in Austin. You can rest assured your evictions are in the hands of professionals with the goal of procuring judgement against your problem tenants.

Once your on-site manager knows of an eviction that needs to happen they’ll visit our online portal to upload their communities info, the tenant’s information, any relevant documents, as well as the best contact number to reach them. Our experts will quickly begin to craft your file and have notices posted to the door the following day and the process is underway. All documents will instruct the tenant’s to contact us on your behalf and we’ll work with them to see if the money can be paid before things need to involve the courts. In the event an agreement can’t be made, we’ll file your eviction and represent you in court on the day of the hearing. Rest assured – Texas Tenant Evictions has a 100% success rate with every case we’ve ever handled.

What are the Costs?
For One Low Monthly Fee We Take Care of it All!

For a low monthly fee of $175, our team works directly with you to handle up to two evictions per month. Each eviction after that threshold of two is $50 each. Our services eliminate any need for an employee of your community to spare a thought about evicting tenants and you’ll be afforded more time to address other community issues or problems. No more training employees to represent your community in a court of law. For our low monthly fee, you’re organizations overall expenses can be lowered beyond what you previously thought possible.

Starting to Realize the Benefits?
Texas Tenant Evictions will handle your evictions for one trial month!

We get the idea of outsourcing this can seem a little off-putting. For a limited time, Texas Tenant Evictions is offering communities a trial month of our services. We’ll handle your evictions for that one month and if you aren’t satisfied you can forget about our service.

However, once we bring you all of the judgments we successfully able to procure, we are confident you’ll be left satisfied and ready for us to take on your entire portfolio. If you’d like to speak with a representative about getting started, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!