Where We Provide Eviction Service

Texas Tenant Evictions provides eviction services in 5 different counties across Central Texas.

Below you can learn more about the different services we provide to owners in our selected service counties!

Travis County Eviction Service

Evicting a tenant in Travis County is no new experience for the Texas Tenant Evictions’ team. Our day to day operations take place in Northwest Austin, where our main office is located. Our team has developed a key relationship with people and processes of the four Justice of the Peace courts in Travis County. Whether your property is in Austin, Pflugerville, Lakeway or any of the other cities in Travis County we can help you remove a tenant from your property fast!

travis county eviction service map

Whether you are a landlord or owner, our Travis County eviction service helps you navigate the process of removing a tenant from your rental property. Eviction law and housing code can be complicated in Travis County. Work with the experts at Texas Tenant Evictions to reclaim your property and start earning rent again! Send us an email or contact our Travis County Eviction Team by clicking ‘call now’!

Bexar County Eviction Service

While our eviction service operates out of Austin, San Antonio and Bexar County are Texas Tenant Evictions’ largest market. We’ve helped more landlords in San Antonio reclaim their rental property from problem tenants than anywhere else. Our familiarity with the Bexar County Justice of the Peace Courts is rivaled by no other. Our team has made the process of evicting a tenant in San Antonio into a quick and easy one!

eviction service map for bexar county

Providing owners with eviction service in San Antonio and greater Bexar County, Texas, Tenant Evictions is prepared to take on your eviction case and help you remove your tenant. Connect with a Bexar County Eviction Specialist by sending us an email or clicking ‘call now’!

Williamson County Eviction Service

Consider Williamson County as Texas Tenant Eviction’s backyard – and we like to play outside. Our team is very active in Round Rock and the surrounding towns evicting tenants for owners. Jennifer, our eviction representation specialists, has been managing properties and removing tenants in Williamson County ever since she’s worked in property management!

eviction service map in Williamson County Texas

Relief from a problem tenant is everything for a landlord no longer receiving rent from their property’s occupants. If you find yourself in this position in Williamson County don’t hesitate to contact the Texas Tenant Evictions team. Connect with a Williamson County Eviction Specialist by sending us an email or clicking ‘call now’!

Hays County Eviction Service

Maybe you own a few properties in Hays county, between Austin and San Antonio. Texas Tenant Evictions services that entire corridor as well as Comal County. Evicting a tenant is Hays County is made easy when you work with our eviction team.

Eviction service map in Hays County

Owners in Hays County can rest assured that Texas Tenant Evictions is there to make removing problem tenants a stress-free process. Connect with a Hays County Eviction Specialist by sending us an email or clicking ‘call now’!

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