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Eviction Service for Austin Texas
Jason Huval, Broker/Owner

As the Broker/Owner of Texas Tenant Evictions, Jason has been helping landlords and owners reclaim their properties since 2004. As a landlord himself, Jason understands the urgency of the situation and why you want your tenant evicted. He’ll be your main point of contact throughout the process of reclaiming your property.

Evict Your Tenant with our Eviction Team
Grant Williams, Jack of All Trades

As the business development manager for Texas Tenant Evictions, Grant is the first one to receive your inquiry and make sure it falls into the right hands. From the get go, he’ll be gathering all pertinent information regarding your eviction and crafting your file. He’ll ensure your eviction is by the book and all I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. If the case comes to court Grant is your guy and will be there the day of to represent you!

Jennifer Frizzell Eviction Specialists
Jennifer Frizzell, The PM Expert

Problem tenant? We’ll now they have a problem! For the past 6 years Jennifer has been a property manager, seeing her fair share of problem tenants and court rooms. She’s our expert property manager that is well versed in all things rental properties!

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